~“Painless therapy Sae”offers advanced manual therapy for body balance and well-being. ~

We give a helping hand to those who hold physical pain, injuries, and other problems,

If you have any problems concerning your health, “Itamitoru-Jiyugaoka Painless therapy Sae ” will be happy to offer you help,

In Japan, there is an ancient remedy that soothes and cure injuries and sicknesses without relying on medicines and surgeries.



PST(Painless Swing Therapy) acts upon the human body’s natural recovering powers and heals the body without any side effects.
This lets us bring more profound and quick effect to the body that other therapies couldn't achieve.

Here are some cases.

Strained Back

Knee Pain

Torn Muscle



Neck Pain   etc.


What is Painless Therapy 

We don't use any force (pushing, squeezing, banging, etc) that may cause pain.

The body is known to react instantly when it feels pain or discomfort and pulls back (muscle contraction) in defensive reaction.  


This instinctive defense (muscle contraction) makes the muscle strain, causing body distortion and nerve compression pain.


Therefore we don't use any sort of massages that involve muscle strain, or osteopathy, which is thought to cause damage to the body and disables its natural recovering powers.



We loosen up the muscle with soft touch and comfortable strokes.

By letting the muscle relax from its contraction, the nerve compressed by the muscle returns to its original state.

This cures the pain coming from nerve compression.


The skeletal structure that was pulled by the strained muscle returns to its natural state, fixing the distortion.

This releases you from abdominal compression, and other problems caused by unnatural posture and restores the body’s original condition.


We don't recommend a long-term use of poultice.

Cooling the muscle makes it contract, blocks the bloodstream and therefore delays the recovery.

We can expect much quicker recovery when relying on our own natural healing powers.


We don't recommend the use of supporters and corset. (In some cases we recommend them if necessary .)

Supporters and corsets are said to block the bloodstream and weaken the muscle, consequentially leading to the delay of recovery.



If you take Painless therapy to maintain your health 

     Pain relieve

For example, bruises and torn muscles occur when the muscle contracts as a defense against major damage, ending up causing pain.

When we remove this muscle contraction, the muscle fibers recover in amazing speed, taking away the pain.

It is said that long lasting pain takes more time to recover, but the human body is always working to maintain its best condition. Even if the symptoms seem to be terminal, the body always has the power to recover itself.

     Lessening the stress level

Excessive stress stiffens the muscles of the jaw, chest, neck, shoulder and back, causing pain. This eventually leads to weariness and depression.

Controlling the stress itself may be difficult, but by letting the muscles relax, we can hold back the weariness and depression coming from stress.



     Maintaining a healthy body and anti-aging

Fixing the skeletal distortion lets the internal organs work properly in their natural position. Due to this, the body recovers from the inside, helping you restore your youth.

Also, regaining healthy muscle movement fixes your posture and lets you straighten up when you walk.

Other than treatments, we give advice on everyday life to help you painlessly achieve a healthy body.


     Quickening recovery

When the muscle relaxes, the blood circulation becomes promoted, carrying more nutrition to the cells and quickening the recovery. We help the body heal itself, without the use of medicine or equipments.


What is the actual treatment like? 


     Please tell us your state, how and where you feel the pain.

     We ask you to lie down on the bed and relax.

     If you cannot lie on your back, you can lie on your side; any position you are comfortable in is fine.

     There is no need to take off your clothing.

  (Please bring or wear flexible pants and take off any supporters, corsets.



First Visit                           9,000yen

Second Visit                     6,000yen

After 3months absence         9,000yen

There will be no other extra fees.



The first visit will be 45minutes, and visits beyond that will be approximately 30minutes.

If there are many symptoms and your condition isn’t well, we might take more time.



Flexible pants (either bring them or change into them at our changing room)

Hand towel


Business Hours   ( By advance reservation only)

Days          Tuesdays, Friday,Holidays

                 :00~21:00(Final Reception20:30)